Bush BBQ Lemon Pepper – ideas for use

The very versatile Bush BBQ Lemon Pepper

There's a lot of ways to use this fantastic combination, made with Lemon myrtle from the rainforest and Pepperberries from the alpine regions.

BUSH BBQ LEMON PEPPER features Lemon Myrtle grown in Australia's tropical rainforests & Pepperberries from the alpine regions... you can mix it with cream cheese and spread into celery sticks or on biscuits, add a slice of Rainforest Tamarind Fruit Paste for a luxurious touch.

Mix Lemon Pepper with sour cream or yoghurt and put a dollop onto a baked potato or with an avocado to make it really sing...mix with your favourite oil and put thru a green salad or sprinkle over roast vegetables or mix with cheese and put thru your favourite pasta dish....these bush herbs combined have it all. Not only does it work well with fish or chicken, but makes a great bushfood dukkha (recipe inside pack).