Red Centre Lime Olive Oil


100% Australian grown olives with our own native bushtucker Desert Limes.


Red Centre Lime Olive Oil

The Red Lime is hybrid between the Australian native finger lime, (Citrus Australasica) and a Burmese Rangpur lime, (Citrus x Limonia). Also known as Red Centre Lime, its actual registered PBR name is Australian Blood Lime.

When ripe, a beautiful burgundy/red colour, oval in shape, around the size of a small hen egg. Its bounty is an abundance of juice and juice filled vesicles (small teardrop shaped sacks filled with slightly tart, aromatic juice, bursting with flavour.) This attribute is the reason we choose to call our Red limes the ‘Citrus sensation' while their relatives, the Australian Finger lime have juice only in the citrus pearls held in side, that burst on the palate, the Red Lime is full of juice making it ideal for dishes and drinks that call for " the juice of a…lemon..or…lime “ now we have, the Australian Red Lime.

The flesh of the Red lime, the' teardrop shaped caviar', develops different colours as the fruit continues to ripen.

Early harvest fruit will have a lemon /lime coloured flesh. As fruit continues to ripen the colours change to more pink/orange hues, and finally when fully ripe flesh can become quite dark pink. Even though the Red lime is also known as blood lime, it won’t develop the strong blood red colour of a blood orange. The flavours of the juice and ‘caviar’ at each stage of ripeness are well balanced with superb acid-sweetness balance.

This ‘teardrop caviar’ can easily be separated from the juice so that it can be used in the same way as the Finger lime. Colours may not be as vivid as the Fingerlime, but the juice filled globules display a range of colour , hold 2 -3 times as much juice as the Fingerlime caviar, and burst on the palate , truly a ‘taste sensation.'

Red limes grow on a small leafed thorny tree with a slightly weeping habit that if left unpruned may reach 2.5 metres. At Gondwana Native limes.

Characteristics Plant: tree shape obloid, main branches drooping, growth habit drooping, canopy dense, branch angle wide, tree height 2-2.5m, vigour strong, trunk surface smooth. Stem: shoot tip colour purple with Thorns.

Leaf: evergreen, type simple, shape ovate, intensity of green colour.

Flower: abundant, hermaphrodite and male, flower bud anthocyanin coloration, arrangement solitary and as a raceme, position axillary and terminal, habit flowering once per year.






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