These tiny Australian native fruits are a tad tart and have a slight cranberry like flavour with hints of cinnamon and clove flavours. Ideal in jams, relishes, baked goods and confectionery.

Also known as Small Leaf Lilli Pilli, Clove Lilli Pilli, Cherry Satinash, Cherry Alder.

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Riberries (Syzygium luehmannii)

They are found in subtropical or tropical rainforest areas and have been grown as an ornamental. The small leaves are bright pink/redish when young and become a glossy green on maturing. Riberry flowers are white or cream and appear in November December. Fruit matures during the summer months until February. The mature fruit is loved by the Australia-Asian  Figbird and Emu. Related to the clove family, these dried riberries are great in any baked goods, salads or sauces.


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