Sunrise Wild Lime Oil


100% Australian grown olives with our own native bushtucker Desert Limes.


Sunrise Wild Lime Oil 100% Western  Australian grown olives are cold pressed with our own Australian Native Bushtucker Sunrise Limes

The Australian Sunrise Lime is an open-pollinated seedling selected from a ‘faustrimedin’, a hybrid of Citrus australasica (the finger lime) and a calamondin, itself a hybrid between mandarin and cumquat. The parent tree of the Sunrise Lime was selected in 1990 at CSIRO, Merbein.

The Sunrise Lime produces attractive golden-coloured fruit on an upright shrub to small tree, usually 2 to 3 m high and 1.5 to 2.5 m wide. Foliage is dark, glossy-green. The ovalshaped leaves are approximately 40 to 45 mm long by 20 to 30 mm wide. Short spines are located at leaf axils.

The cream-coloured flowers occur in spring to early summer. Fruits ripen in winter, are pearshaped and are usually 30 to 45 mm long by 20 to 40 mm wide. The skin of mature fruit is a strong golden colour, Seeds are small and plump. Juice squeezed from the fruit has a sharp, clean flavour and a light ‘floral’ aroma.

The balance of pH (approx 3.0) and Brix:Acid Ratio (approx 1.5) provides a refreshing ‘acidsweet’ flavour. The fruit may be eaten whole and like a kumquat, have a sharpish flesh and a sweet albedo and skin



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