Rich Aniseed Chocolate Tart with Davidson Plum Topping


250gm Chocolate Biscuits
90gm melted butter

Whizz biscuits until crumbed and then add butter. Press into lightly greased tart case and refrigerate until set.
200gm cooking chocolate
1 dspn Aniseed Myrtle
25gm unsalted butter
100ml cream

Melt chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water and then add butter. Slowly add cream until a smooth texture is achieved. Turn off heat and add Aniseed Myrtle.
Pour into prepared biscuit base and refrigerate.

100gm Davidson Plums
half cup sugar
Cover deseeded plums with water and cook until soft. Then add sugar to taste. Refrigerate until cold.
When chocolate is set spread over top.