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I am the person who bought a largish number of cheesecakes from you on Sunday at the Berry Springs market. I had them taste-tested by my friends on Sun night when they came to dinner and again today when I took the few left over to work. They proved very popular once people got over the ‘newness’ or unfamiliarity of the ingredients. The Wattleseed one proved most popular followed by the Lemon Myrtle and finally the Davidson plum. I am sorry if I have gotten the names a little wrong.

Thank you for bringing them to the market, we really enjoyed the experience of something Australian and different!

Helen, Kormilda College

Well, I finally got around to trialling the spices I bought off you at the markets last weekend. I have been on the case of making koftas as they are on my Mindil Beach menu at least.

I discovered minced Camel at the Parap butcher yesterday so I mixed the tomato bush rub in with that and the koftas turned out great. The real winner was mixing the lemon pepper with crocodile. The taste was sensational and I think they will sell well. Sure beats filleting 15kg of croc meat each week.

I'm looking forward to trialling some others now so I might check out the range and see what the options are.

I am still keen to trial other meats like emu so keep your ears peeled. I haven't found a butcher who sells it yet.

Thanks for the chat last weekend and I suspect I'll be seeing you again soon.

Keiran, Go on! Be game!

Whilst visiting Darwin a few months back I purchased some of your Bush Tomato Rub at Berry Springs market. It's just run out and I am really going to miss it! I wonder if you could post me a coupLe of packets or let me know if there is anywhere in Sydney (Manly area) that I could purchase some

Jenny, Sydney